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A complete Android POS solution, ready to trade in just 5 minutes.

Sell on the go with Lithos Android POS. its fully customization and editable, you do not need high computer skill to use it. With our Android POS System, you will not only get a cost-effective system with all of the sophisticated features, it also enables you to enhance the productivity and efficiency in your business.

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Accept payments fast and delight your customers

Quickly accept payments in any location, with a range of mobile payment options from leading merchant providers around the world. With lithos Android POS, Customize your receipts by adding your business name, contact number. Let customers choose if they want a receipt or not, and whether they would like it printed or emailed.

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Manage and grow your business from any location

Manage your business, products, and customer data anywhere in the world with Lithos Android POS. Track employee performance, discover your best selling items, and get insight of how your stores are performing. Empower your team with the reports they need to improve every day.

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Why our clients love Lithos POS

Lithos's Android POS solution comes with the features you need to grow your business, save time and reduce costs. Choose Lithos POS, you will start making business growing decisions, more confidently than ever


Lithos POS is fast ,fully customizable easy to use point of sale solution that will enhance your efficiency


Take control of your inventory with full or partial inventory counts, and easily balance and transfer your inventory between your different locations.


Choose the best way to accept payments, including credit, debit and gift cards. Vend works with leading merchant providers around the world..


Get an instant snapshot of your sales, inventory, payments, and more for smarter retail decision-making from any location.


Easily manage your customer list with Lithos Android POS. There are multiple ways to personalize the rewards to keep your best customers coming back

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