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Best gift shop point of sale (POS) system with easy inventory, billing, and more!

LithosPOS gift shop POS system provides improved efficiency and speed in transactions, it minimizes errors and speeds up the checkout process. Additionally, improved inventory management will help you easily track the items based on their category and combinations. Furthermore, the system can track customer data, which can be used to retarget your customers by sending personalized discounts and offers.

Why you need a POS system for your gift shop

You need a POS system that helps you to keep your business efficient and growing. by using an efficient POS system you can simplify and keep your business operations such as sales, inventory, reporting, and customer relationship management, and you can save time and cost.

A Perfect POS system for Gift Shop

Lithos Gift Shop POS is a fast easy and reliable POS solution that enables a whole new level of customer experience and helps gain customer and product insights collecting actionable insights from POS business intelligence to help you meet customers’ demands based on market trends.

Benefits of Gift Shop POS system of LithosPOS.

LithosPOS smartest Gift Shop POS is built intelligently to streamline various business operations in your gift shop.

Simplifying Gift delivery

We offer a convenient and hassle-free way to send gifts to loved ones, friends, or colleagues. With the help of LithoPOS gift shop POS solutions, customers can now purchase gifts in-store and have them shipped directly to the recipient.

Item tags and product categorization.

LithosPOS offers product tags that categorize products to organize it by vendor, season, price, and margin. It simplifies the tracking and selling of an item to your customer by minimizing errors and reducing the checkout time.

Discounts and Loyalty

There are multiple ways to personalize the rewards to keep your best customers coming back with integrated loyalty. Apply discounts to receipts or to a specific item. New customers can automatically be added to the loyalty program.

Fast and flexible billing

Lithos Gift Shop Point-of-sale comes with comprehensive solutions such as product categories, item classification, flexible barcode generation, easy payment integrations, and smart inventory, to help you work faster and smarter.

Product categories

POS helps you group similar products together. So you can identify and manage your products from inventory. This allows you to increase your service speed and service quality.

Item classification (unit, size, and price)

As we discussed above the categorizing of products can be more helpful in identifying your products from inventory. The POS system allows you to organize your products based on unit, size, and price.

Tracking each of your products using POS, will give you better insight and control over the items. By analyzing the detailed report of products you can identify your top-selling and worst-selling items.

Flexible barcode generation

The POS system’s ability to generate different types of barcodes, such as UPC or EAN, and encode various product information, such as SKU number and price, to fit your unique needs. This allows for more efficient inventory management and sales processing.

The easy point of sale for a faster checkout

The point of sale system allows you to speed up your checkout process. By enabling advanced payment options and digital receipts the customer can easily pay and leave without any delay. It helps you to enhance the customer experience.

POS provides a wide range of payment partners and patent methods. So the customers can choose any payment options based on their preferences.

Smart inventory and purchase

It is hard to keep your inventory efficient. By tracking your inventory you can simply manage it. The POS system has everything to manage and keep your inventory profitable.

It helps you to automate your various inventory operations such as real-time inventory tracking, automatic inventory updates, low stock alerts, purchase order creation, sales forecasting, and more.


The user interface is one of the features of LithosPOS. With fast and easy-to-use UI your business operations can speed up and run an easy business. The system is so simple that your customers don’t need any special training.

The interface of the system is visually appealing. It helps you to provide a premium customer experience.

Payment Integration

LithosPOS is an integrated point of sale system. That means you can integrate your business operations with a POS system. LithosPOS offers different payment partners to simplify payment operations and provide a premium customer experience.

You can choose the payment partners based on your country. LithosPOS is integrated with a wide range of payment providers such as Square, PayPal, SumUp, Stripe, PhonePe, Mosambee, UPI Payments, Pine Labs, mSwipe, MTN Momo, Fatoora (Saudi e-Invoice Integration), SAT (Guatemala e-Invoice Integration), etc.

The system keeps your payment operations simple and secure. It records every payment transaction in POS, so you can make sure the transactions are accurate and secure.

Accounting integration

If you are currently using accounting software for your business you can integrate it with LithosPOS or you can perform various accounting functions using the accounting options in LithosPOS.

LithosPOS is a partner with many accounting software such as SAP, Oracle cloud, QuickBooks, Emaar, ZohoBooks, and Tally. It can help you to deal with complex accounting operations.

Inventory management

Manage your gift store inventory without any obstacles. LithosPOS gives you control over your inventory. It notifies you if any item goes out of stock from your inventory. You can automate so many business operations.

Transferring across your locations, generating sales and purchase reports, stock adjustments, label printing, product organization, and more.

Employee management

Managing your employees and identifying their efficiency and inefficiency will be easier. LithosPOS gives you a detailed report of every employee like their shift report that will be helpful for you to identify if happens any threat.

LithosPOS creates employee profiles, their time tracking, payroll management, sales commission tracking, access control to do a specific task, and reporting. It gives you everything to manage your employees and make them more productive.

Customer Management

Customer management is one of the crucial jobs in businesses. When it comes to the gift shop business it plays an important role. LithosPOS tracks and record every transaction a customer makes. All the customer transactions record customer profiles.

It allows you to analyze and identify which customer is making more purchases, their purchase time, favorite items, and more. It allows you to run loyalty programs, Other marketing, and promotions.

LithosPOS has its own CRM to manage your customers, or you can integrate your existing CRM software with LithosPOS.

E-Commerce integration

LithosPOS gift shop POS helps you to scale your gift shop business online. It allows you to expand your business to e-commerce. LithosPOS can be integrated with an E-Commerce platform like WooCommerce.

However, the POS system is essential for any gift shop that wants to streamline its operations, improve customer service, and increase profitability. LithosPOS provides everything to manage and grow your gift shop business.