How To Increase Coffee Shop Sales (6 Successful strategies)

The coffee production industry is worth $11.6bn by 2022 in the US. It’s been shown that the coffee production industry is growing faster than the manufacturing industry.

The rise of the coffee shop industry also makes high competition. It can be challenging to run a successful coffee shop in this market condition.

The coffee shop business failure rate is 80% within 2 years. lack of a marketing plan or strategy is one of the reasons to face failure. A good strategy makes you successful. In a coffee shop, all activities influence sales.

How to increase sales in a coffee shop

As I said, every activity in your coffee shop influences sales. It’s something that affects your brand. The goal is not only to make a profit but also to build a brand.

People are always looking to interact with trustworthy businesses. Turning your business into a well-known brand will definitely help you get more sales.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to increasing your coffee shop sales.

Healthy and Hygiene atmosphere

Health and hygiene are compulsory for all food and drink businesses. Make sure you comply with relevant health and hygiene requirements.

In this situation where the corona pandemic exists, you need to be able to address the worries that consumers may have.

Make sure the tables are properly sanitized and that staff wear masks and gloves.

Customers will have more trust in such a coffee shop. Trust helps you to build your brand.

Here are some tips to increase sales by giving more health and hygiene precautions

  • Wear mask, gloves and face shield
  • QR code ordering
  • Table reservation system
  • QR code payment
  • Provide a counter outside of the coffee shop or pick-up window services

Customer Loyalty program

The customer loyalty program can increase sales. a great strategy to bring customers back. A loyalty program can increase your customer base by giving them the incentive to buy again and again.

Use point of sale (POS) software to track your customers and identify the most loyal customers. Use this data for various advertising activities.

When a transaction is done, POS software creates a profile for every customer. It records every transaction the customer makes. You can analyze and find out who your most loyal customers are and their purchase history, contact info, etc

One way to encourage customers is by implementing offers that give them a reason to come back and visit the store. This can lead to more opportunities for loyalty, repeat purchases opening up, and customer satisfaction.

Build strategies and get more sales

Digital Marketing

Do you know how important digital marketing is for a business?

56.8% of the population use social networks – Out of 7.87 billion people in the world.

This is a great opportunity not only to sell but also to build your brand.

Nowadays it’s important to engage with customers outside of the business. How will you interact with them? Social media like Facebook and Instagram is an opportunity to engage with your customers.

Are you struggling to promote your coffee shop on social media?

Study industry-leading brands, what they post on Instagram, how they engage customers, their ads, etc.

For example visit coffeestanza Instagram page, in their bio

“A place to read, study, and work while enjoying thoughtful conversations, coffee, and food! Home to @albaicinbs”

It is attractive, right? Speak about who you are, and how you are different from others? Complete your bio.

Post high-quality photos and videos and make creative reels. Reach more people. You can use content that targets your specific customers. Introduce your new items.

Use stories for different polls and quizzes, and engage your followers.

Run ads

Run Facebook ads to reach more people. Building a Facebook ads strategy will help you get better results.

Run location-based ads

Target your audience based on your location. Use images or videos for the ads and circulate creative content

Some ideas

  • Brand Awareness ads
  • Introduce your special drinks
  • Provide online ordering
  • Offer promo code only for social media

Increase traffic to your website, video, etc. Through ads. Use that audience for remarketing. When someone sees your video ad or visits your website. Target them for remarketing.


Technology has an important role in every business. To run your coffee shop business efficiently, you need to rely on technology.

Businesses are closing down due to a lack of proper management or reports. For example, managing inventory is a headache. You cannot control it manually and it will also increase your expenses.

you have a variety of inventory management software available. Automate your inventory with software and make your business efficient.

By automating your coffee shop things will be easier. You can manage your whole business from anywhere.

When you are not in the cafe, with the help of an internet connection, you can access real-time data and manage everything from there. It helps you control your expenses and increase your sales and profits.

Loyal employees

Employees have a vital role in making a business successful. When hiring employees consider their skills and behavior. Because they are the one who interacting with your customer.

A good smile may be enough to make your customer a regular customer. People are always looking for the best service. If you can not handle it, you will not succeed.

Behavior of your employees are very crucial in increasing your sales. Customers may be of different natures. Your employees should be able to treat them with dignity and listen to their problems and find solutions. Give employee proper training to anchorage them to offer quality service

Get customer attention to your coffee shop

How do you get customer attention for your business? it is a common question for every business owner.

Customer attention not only means eye-catching storefront. But yes, it is a fact that grabs customer`s attention.

Don’t stop there… I mean that’s not enough. let me explain

As I said earlier, your customers are online and you can grab their attention using online platforms.

Social media is a great platform for keeping your online presence. Upload your menu, creative photos, dishes, special offers, etc.

Make sure your targeted location users are engaging with your social media page. You can also run paid ads by targeting your service locations

But not only on social media, but also on other internet platforms. For example, you can use google my business, website, etc. When a customer searches google “best cafe near me” you can be visible.

Visibility helps you to get more attention. This will increase your coffee shop sales and brand awareness.

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How to increase sales using LithosPOS

We asked a few of our coffee shop clients what is the biggest problem they are faced before they using LithosPOS. and we found 3 major problems. We realized that was the main reason why the restaurant business was failing.

  • Inventory management
  • Poor customer experience
  • High Cost

Inventory management

Do you think you can manually manage your inventory? if you manage it manually, then you can’t focus on other functions of your business.

Our client is saying that before they approached us, they were operating everything manually. There is no proper management or control over stock and cost.

With the use of lithosPOS, things became automatic. Inventory became efficient and was able to reduce large amounts of costs, which, basically, improved the overall performance of the business.

Customer experience

Poor customer experience is another problem faced by coffee shop owners. It is important how you satisfy your customers. A small reduction in service is enough to make a negative impact on the customer.

For example, you provide an online delivery service. When a customer orders an item and selects an online payment option. He is trying to get the GPay option. However, you are not integrated with GPay and customers are more likely to abandon their cart.

I mean you need to give the customer what they need. One of our client is saying “when we started using LithosPOS integrated payment feature, we got more orders online and offline” as a matter of fact lithosPOS will help you work faster and smarter and win more customers.

Improve customer experience and increase coffee shop sales.

High Cost

The food business is expensive. The main reason is that you do not have proper management. Understand where the high cost to you is and focus and take action. But how do you identify that?

Our client says “without POS software we can’t identify which business functions have a high cost”

Lithospos gives you all the reports to manage and grow your business. Identify your most selling and lowest selling dishes, on which dates which item increases the cost. This more insight will help you make better decisions with confidance.

Lithospos gives everything to increase your coffee shop sales. View your current business statistics based on detailed reports and make a business plan for the future.

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