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Guide to the Best POS Systems for UK Restaurants

The restaurant industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the UK; however, competition within the industry is also high. After the pandemic, conditions have improved, leading to a resurgence in the restaurant industry. Reports indicate that restaurant owners and customers alike are keen on continuing to utilize many of the digital innovations that were adopted during the pandemic. A case in point is the dramatic increase in the use of digital payments and online ordering.

However, everyone offering these digital services. To stay in this competitive market you need more than that. I mean you have to focus on increasing customer experience and other business functions to succeed. So, in this modern world for bringing customer experience you can rely on technologies. For a restaurant, the POS system Is the number one technology

POS system helps you to manage, simplify, and give customer experience. It works as a centralized platform and allows you to manage different business operations through it. It is really important to choose the right system that is compatible with your business and country. You have so many options in restaurant POS systems in the UK. 

Let’s discuss why you need to consider restaurant POS systems that are built for UK restaurants,

LithosPOS for UK Restaurants

Lithospos is a fast-growing SAAS retail-tech company. We support 5000+ independent f&b/retailers and 100+ chains in 70+ countries. Key markets: US, UK, GCC, South Africa, India. It is a cloud-based, integrated POS software, so you have seamless integrations possible with payments, e-commerce, and online ordering. Embrace modern tech for retail success. Trusted globally for high-quality, affordable solutions. Automate billing and POS for faster, smarter business control.

Best forRestaurants and retailers
PriceVisit pricing
Free trial14 days free trial
eCommerce POS integrationYes
Payment processingYes
Customer loyalty programYes
Accounting integration Yes
Marketing integrationYes
Inventory managementYes
Aggregators integrationYes
Multi-location managementYes
Report and analyticsYes
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Why you need to invest in the right POS software

The POS software makes your business simple and facilitates a smooth business. Before searching for the right software, you must know what features make a POS complete.

A smart POS works in various business functions and keeps those automated and efficient. It allows you to streamline all your business operations. The right software that fits your business should be capable of meeting your business needs such as inventory, reports, employees, and customer management. That is the feature that makes the POS system complete.

Pro tip: Business functions such as menus, service methods, payment integrations, and online ordering vary from country to country. It is imperative to choose a leading POS system that includes various features for each country. LithosPOS is one of the leading restaurant POS systems in the UK that are partnered with payment partners. like SUMUP, Adyen and Tidypay.

The reason why UK restaurants need a specific POS system

Let’s discuss more deeply why UK restaurants need a specific POS system.

Payment integration: Integrated payment is one of the key features of a POS system. It helps simplify your payment operations by integrating POS with various payment partners.

LithosPOS provides a wide range of integrated payments. It allows you to choose the right payment partners based on your country. For example, Stripe and SumUp are popular payment gateways in the UK. Customers are more likely to choose those payment partners. Customers will be highly satisfied and this leads to better customer retention when you can meet customer needs.

The projected total value of transactions in the Digital Payments market for 2023 is estimated to be around US$439.30 billion in the UK.

Digital payments are growing exponentially. Customers are choosing payment methods like contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Smart point-of-sale systems like LithosPOS allow you to accept money from different payment methods.

Online ordering: One of the key features of UK Restaurant POS is the Online Ordering Aggregator. The restaurant can scale its business online with the help of aggregator integration. POS allows you to manage your online and offline sales through your POS dashboard.

POS can increase your sales if you integrate with online food aggregators. It is important to ensure that the POS you are using or going to buy can be integrated with UK-based online food aggregators.

Menu Engineering: better menu engineering will boost your profit margin. Identifying your customer’s needs and their favorite items can help you to construct a profitable menu.

POS system tracks your sales and identifies your trending items. Based on that you can manage stocks and make sure the ingredients are available.

Customer preferences may vary based on location. If you have multiple restaurants, you can understand the popular items at each location and plan the menu accordingly.

Customer Support and Updates: 24/7 support from the POS system is a must to get proper support for any queries and doubts that may arise in the software and to carry on business operations without any interruption.

It’s a good idea to ensure that the system providers you plan to purchase from can provide support for your business in the UK during business hours. So it is better to choose POS providers who give 24/7 support.

Customer Loyalty Programs: POS tracking customer details such as name, contact details, and buying history. You can use the data and run targeted marketing campaigns. It allows you to run loyalty programs tailored to the UK market such as offers like exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized promotions.

Reservation and Waitlist Management: The POS system allows you to manage reservations and waitlists, allowing UK restaurant owners to optimize table utilization and provide a seamless guest experience. It makes it simpler for employees to manage customers, and you can keep your restaurant simple and manage rush hours.

Integration with Accounting Software: Explain how the POS software integrates with popular accounting software used in the UK, making financial management, tax reporting, and purchase and sale reports are simple to generate.

LithosPOS can be integrated with leading accounting software such as SAP, Oracle Cloud, QuickBooks, Emaar, ZohoBooks, and Tally. It will help you to automate your accounting operations.

To run and grow your restaurant business in the UK the POS system will be the solution. At the same time, it is really important to make sure you are investing in the right restaurant POS system in the UK.

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LithosPOS, an integrated POS Solution for F&B businesses.

 LithosPOS restaurant POS offers plenty of restaurant-specific features like integrated payments, multi-kitchen management, aggregator integrations, Queue management Apps, waiter Apps, advanced menu management, kitchen display, and Kiosk app to efficiently manage a restaurant. It monitors trends and automates PO to efficiently manage inventory. With an easy-to-use UI and 100+ integrations including payments, aggregators, accounting systems, and E-commerce, checkouts are 20% faster, enhancing the customer experience and efficiency. Works on iOS, Android, and Windows. interestingly they offer a 14-day free trial to learn the systems.

Key benefits:

Integrated Payments With SUMUP and Tidypay.

Ensures fast and secure payments and makes the checkouts 20% faster and more efficient, eliminating the need for manual entry and preventing clerical errors.

Aggregator integration with Deliveroo and GloriaFood to streamline order delivery.

The orders placed are directly received in the point of sale and managing the online orders and delivery becomes easier.

Integrated with Shopify.

It helps simplify selling across multiple channels by sharing product, inventory, sales, and customer information between your offline store and online store. This integration helps to centralize your business management and minimize manual reconciliations, enhancing efficiency.