All-time customer retention techniques

Acquiring new customers costs more than retaining the existing ones. targeting your existing customers is simple and more powerful. they know about your brand and experience your service or product. behind every customer retention technique, there will be a winning strategy.

Customer behavior (it keeps changing)

Customer behavior

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. If you look at their 5-year purchasing history you can see that a lot has changed. But it has not completely changed.

Let me explain…

Technology has changed a lot. the buying behavior of people also changed. they always looking for something to experience. we can see that there is a huge growth in online delivery. people would like to purchase and pay online.

Customer buying behavior has changed but the marketing strategies still work. for example, giving offers and rewards are all-time strategies, and so many businesses are using those techniques.

We can confirm that such strategies are very effective in infiltrating digital platforms in marketing. now we can target customers more strategically.

11 Customer retention techniques

So, stop wasting your time on building customer retention techniques. here are all-time customer retention strategies that work.

Customer retention technique
  • Send them educational emails
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Customer Service
  • Incentivize Referrals
  • Customer Experience
  • Feedback
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Advice
  • Push notification
  • SMS discounts and offers

1. Send them educational emails

Email is a loyalty loop. sending educational emails after purchase helps to maintain customer-business relationships.

Teach them to use your product for a better experience. make them satisfied. it helps to build relationships and trust.

for example, if you are selling cosmetic products. you can educate your customers about grooming and style tips. advising makes you an industry expert from a customer perspective.

You can also increase sales of new products. Linking your new products in those emails leads customers to your sales page. Teach them why new products, their features, benefits, and how to use them.

2. Loyalty Rewards Program

Giving customers points for each purchase can encourage customer loyalty and spending more. this is an all-time customer retention strategy.

Rewards attract customers to buy again. They expect it. Find your loyal customers using POS software based on their buying behavior. let customers feel that they have special consideration.

3. Customer Service

Premium customer service is the key to success. 94% of customers are likely to make repeated purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

focus on customers, and make sure your product or services satisfy their needs. ask them what they need and ensure to meet their expectations. collect and respond to the feedback.

Let them speak, and do not be afraid to admit when you make a mistake. make sure that this does not happen again.

Customers always looking for better service. you need to satisfy their expectations.

4. Incentivize Referrals

Incentivize Referrals | Customer retention technique

Referrals always make results. when buying a product 84% of people seek recommendations from friends and family. references build trust in the customer’s mind.

Incentivize is a good strategy to encourage referrals. Offer attractive store discounts to customers who refer your business. it not only helps you gain new customers, but it also helps you retain customers.

5. Customer Experience

Personalization getting more and more important. Personalize their experience in marketing and communication based on a customer’s purchase history.

Track customers using point of sale (POS) software. it tracks every purchase and customer. you can manage customers’ data from this platform. because POS collects customer contact information it is more simple to personalize in marketing and communications.

It’s more personal when you send an SMS starting with their name instead of calling the Sir or Mrs. it helps to build a good relationship with the business and that relationship will bring them back into your business.

6. Feedback

Collect customer feedback and recommendations. prove to your customers that you are listening to them. list all the recommendations and find the solutions for them.

Next time they visit your store, they have to feel you are considering their recommendations. so they feel more attached to your company. this is the best way to enhance your customer experience. and this is an all-time customer retention technique.

7. Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns | Customer retention technique

Emails are a great way to maintain relationships. email campaigns are a proven customer retention technique. stay connected with customers all the time.

Emails are also a good platform for marketing. Offer discounts to customers via email coupons or discount codes to make them feel appreciated. Encourage them to come back.

8. Social Media

Nowadays, connecting customers through social media is important (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok). this platform helps you to engage with your customers more personally. building relationships, trust, and offering accessible customer services are simple here.

Introduce your new products, offers, and more. this is a cost-effective way to market.

9. Advice

Become an industry leader. Share recommendations, experiences, and advice about your products and industry. The customer will feel that you are the leading brand. this will encourage your customer to approach you when they need help.

10. Push notification

If you are providing online ordering and have a mobile app. if the user didn’t open it for a long time, you can send a push notification. they will more likely to click the notification and start using it again.

For example, you can send an offer as a push notification. Users will click on it and use your app again. These retention techniques are used by many businesses.

11. SMS discounts and offers

After customer purchase, you can collect customer contact information (that we discussed earlier). sending SMS as offering discounts is an all-time customer retention technique.

As I mentioned earlier you can send more personalized SMS with the help of POS software. the strategy is less expensive and highly conversational. give a link to your website or app on the SMS.

For example:

The offer is clear and click-worthy. The landing page goes to their product page. the deals and offers via SMS will prompt your customer to visit your business again.


You can also go for paid marketing options. you can remarket your store visitors, website, and app visitors to encourage them to purchase. the growth of internet users, this is also a good customer retention technique.

Above discussed all strategies can be done via digital marketing tactics. because customers purchasing behavior has changed, but the tactics can be used with the help of digital advertising.

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