Switching to cloud-based POS is easier than you think

Until a few years ago, brick-and-mortar stores used traditional POS software. Now they are switching to cloud based POS software. As we all know, POS simplifies business operations. hence it got more powerful as it switch to cloud-based platforms.

The main reason everyone is switching to the cloud is that cloud-based POS is more convenient and easier to use than traditional POS. it became essential for restaurant and retail businesses. it also helps to manage merchants, customers, sales, inventory, and more.

So before discussing how to switch we want to choose the right software.

Tips for choosing the right cloud-based POS software

A cloud POS should have these features:

Compatible with any devices

The software you are going to purchase should work on any device. if you already have the hardware you do not need to buy another to install the software

Works on offline mode

Internet is essential when using cloud-based software. software needs to be able to work even when the Internet is down. syncing data as soon as the internet connection is restored. the software can work offline just like you do online.

Analytic and reporting feature

Based on the detailed data, the business can move forward. software capable of providing detailed Analytics will help you grow your business.

Integrated payment

Integrated payments are a crucial part of the customer experience. cloud POS software should be able to offer different payment options and partners depending on the specific country

Manage inventory

Manage your product inventory, and increase profits by preventing stock shortages with Purchase Order Receiving.

Customer loyalty program

The POS should include a loyalty program option. new customers can automatically be added to the program

Multi-store business managing

As your business grows, it should be easy to add new outlets and be able to manage products, pricing, and promos across all stores.

Online ordering

POS software should be able to accept orders online using the web & app and online aggregator integration.

eCommerce integration

eCommerce integration should be possible.

Employee management

Employee performance can be tracked using reports and analytics to hold your employees accountable

24/7 support

Find a service provider who provides 24/7 support to address your issues

Why you need to use cloud-based POS

Why you should switch to cloud-based POS. if you are using a traditional POS and it is important to understand the needs when switching to a new system. if you are currently using cloud POS, it is time to examine how effective your current POS is.

So let’s start from the beginning what is a cloud-based point of sale (POS)?

A cloud POS is a web-based point-of-sale system that allows you to manage your entire business. the business data is stored in the cloud so that you can access the data anytime from anywhere in the world. simply this allows access to all information from a remote server instead of being stored and accessed locally.

Importance and benefits of a cloud-based POS

Accessible from anywhere

Access and manage your business data from anywhere in the world with the help of the internet. because the data stored in the cloud makes it more convenient to manage your business efficiently.

Traditional POS has limitations in accessibility. you must be physically present at the store location. because everything is stored on local servers. this is one of the significant reasons you should switch to cloud-based POS.


Cloud POS software is easy to maintain. no manual operation is required to install updates, it automatically keeps up to date. so no special maintenance, you can save money.

Maintaining traditional POS is more crucial. The updations can be made only by a technical person. it is time-consuming and expensive.

Data Security

With the use of cloud-based POS, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can significantly reduce the risk of fraud connected with credit card processing by automatically backing up and syncing data via a remote server.

Also, the business data kept on servers is highly encrypted. This implies that the information saved in your system would be unreadable even if someone were to obtain access to it.

In case of a traditional POS system the data is stored in a local server. so there is a high chance of physical damage, such as fire, flood, theft etc.


The hardware is really expensive. no need to buy special hardware when switching to cloud-based POS. you can use it on your existing Android, ios, and PC devices. All you need in addition is an internet connection.


Business growth and expansion are desired goals of every business. the POS system can scale. when your business grows it is possible to upgrade POS also. You do not have to spend too much time or money on that.

Seamless Integration

One of the main reasons you should switch to cloud-based POS is seamless integration. one of the most complex parts of managing a business is payment transactions. but unfortunately, it is an important part of the customer experience.

Integrated Payments gives your customers a premium checkout experience. a cloud POS enables you to accept different payment types and payment partners.

So what to look for when switching to a cloud-based POS

Switching from traditional POS to cloud:

  • Migrate your menu, inventory, and loyalty data
  • Ensure that your payment processor is compatible
  • Connect third-party integrations
  • Set up new or existing hardware
  • Organize training(it is simple than you think)
  • Install your new POS

Start using today

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