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Food truck POS: The one-stop solution for all type of food trucks

Did you know that food trucks are one of the most lucrative businesses? An essential benefit of the food truck industry is its flexibility in terms of location. they can go where they want and do business. But it is essential to find the right place to do business.

Managing the business will be challenging. Especially if you are a one-man business. You may not be able to efficiently maintain all business functions like inventory management, payment transactions, and customer and employee management. So food truck POS is the solution for that.

It helps you to simplify and keep your business efficient. However, here we are going to discuss everything about food truck POS.

What is a food truck POS?

The food truck POS is the system that was built for helping to grow the food truck businesses. It helps you to manage all levels of your business such as inventory, payment transactions, reports, analytics, customer and employee management, online business, and more.

However, it automates all your complex business operations and makes them simple.

Let us explain all this in a few points.

  • Save Time and Increase Sales
  • Effective Inventory Management
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Employee Management
  • Real-Time Reports and Analysis
  • QR code menu
  • Self-ordering KIOSK
  • Multi-location management

Save Time and Increase Sales

One of the main things you need to pay attention to is time. You can enhance your service quality by focusing on service speed. The POS system allows you to speed up your business operations such as order taking, order passing to the kitchen, delivering food, and payments.

By using various food truck POS features like KOT, digital payments, self-ordering like QR code ordering and KIOSK, and a digital receipt option.

Let’s dive deep and understand how those features help you

Digital Kitchen order ticket(KOT): The digital kitchen order ticket details contain customer order details. When customers place an order the server will generate and pass the order to POS and kitchen. It helps you to reduce manual operations and facilitate a quick service.

Digital payments: Digital payments like contactless payments and QR code payments can be used to speed up your checkout process. They can use contactless payments and quickly make payments like Tap-and-go. Customers can also pay themselves from their table using a QR code.

Food truck POS can be integrated with leading payment partners based on your country. It also allows you to offer multiple payment methods such as card, cash, contactless, QR code, cheque, and split payments. This will help you to give a premium customer experience.

Self-ordering: Self-ordering systems such as KIOSK, and QR code ordering can be used to speed up your food truck business operations. Customer can place order themselves and the KOT is transferred to the POS and kitchen. It eliminates the time taken to take orders and manually transfer them to the kitchen. This gives customers more freedom to choose from the menu.

Digital receipt: After the payment success rather than printing paper receipts you can send the invoices to customers via mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. So after payment, they don’t need to wait for the receipt. However, this makes your checkout counter clean. Also, you can use the customer data for other loyalty programs.

However, it allows you to utilize the time and make your employees more productive. By using those features employees can simplify their work and focus on their duties. It delivers premium customer experience and sales as well.

Effective Inventory Management

In the past, it was very difficult to control inventory. After you make a sale you need to deduct it from the stocks manually. It is really complex and time-wasting work. There are a lot of possibilities for human errors and you cannot update your inventory in real time.

When you can’t update your inventory in real time, how do you know if your inventory has enough ingredients to prepare a certain type of dish?

Let me give you an example to illustrate this. Imagine a customer named Roy who visits your food truck. He’s really hungry and decides to order a beef burger. The server takes his order and goes to the kitchen to pass it on. However, after 5 minutes, the cook realizes that there is no more beef in stock. The server then informs Roy that the beef burger is no longer available. As a result, Roy becomes very unhappy and dissatisfied because he has to wait over 5 minutes for food while hungry.

The food truck POS helps to automate all your inventory operations and streamline inventory in real-time. POS tracks each item on your inventory. You can set an inventory level if the stock is down below that level you will get a notification.

However, it gives you a very detailed report about which product is profitable and which is not. You can also get access to the report that shows which dates are performing more sales. By getting control over the inventory you can reduce costs and keep your business profitable.

Flexible Payment Options

POS can be integrated with leading payment partners such as Square, PayPal, SumUp, Stripe, PhonePe, Mosambee, UPI Payments, Pine Labs, mSwipe, MTN Momo, Fatoora (Saudi e-Invoice Integration), SAT (Guatemala e-Invoice Integration). It eliminates the possibility of human errors and records all the financial data.

Leading food truck POS supports various payment methods. So you can offer customers different options such as contactless, card, cash, cheque, and other leading payment methods.

Employee Management

Managing staff is a very difficult job. It is really important that identify employee efficiency and inefficiency at work. POS software allows you to give permissions to employees. So the authorized staff can only access specific data. It helps you to secure your business information from other security issues.

You will get the full details of each employee. So you can understand your loyal employees. Also, every employee can understand the hours worked. Then each person can assign the tasks to be done on the respective days. This will lead to a better understanding between employees and management.

Real-Time Reports and Analysis

Data-driven businesses may always win. Without proper reporting and analytics, doing business will make you fail.

POS can help you get data each day and can help you figure out which days will have the most sales. That way you can change your stock.

For example, based on a report more burgers are being sold on a particular day. Understand that this is a special day. So you know, burgers may go on sale in the coming days. You can order the ingredients needed to make a burger during the day. It also helps prevent food waste.

However, you can use food truck POS software on a smartphone. Reports can be accessed with the help of the internet even when you are not in the food truck. Because it will all be stored in the cloud.

QR code menu

The QR Code menu is the digital menu. that diners and drinkers can enter on their smartphones after scanning a QR code. The most important benefit is that the customer can place items without the need for a server. The digital menu is more engaging and useful than the printed menu.

Time to choose the best food truck POS

LithosPOS is one of the leading food truck POS software providers. The software can be used to simplify and automate all your food truck business operations. The software offers 12+ payment partners and provides multiple payment methods. LithosPOS is the best tool to grow your business, it helps you to expand your business online by integrating various food aggregators.

Why LIthosPOS is the best choice for food trucks

When compared to common food businesses the food truck business has so many challenges and benefits. While rather than investing in a common type of POS software you need to use POS which is specifically built for food trucks. LithosPOS food truck POS is one of the solutions that is specifically built to meet food truck business operations.

Let’s identify the uniqueness of the LithosPOS food truck POS system

Offline mode

A major challenge facing the food truck business is the availability of an internet connection. Even if you choose a food truck in a place where an internet connection is not available, still POS allows you to manage your business efficiently.

Even though POS is cloud-based, it can also be done offline. Transactions are recorded when there is no internet connection and sync online when the internet connection is restored.

Customer engagement

Food truck businesses are unique in that they can choose from a variety of business locations. Therefore, a great CRM system is essential, their customer database will be very huge. Lithospos collects the contact details of each customer and their buying history. By finding your loyal customers and sharing offers, your new locations, etc., you can always maintain a good relationship with them.

Also, if you return to your old business location, you can use your existing customer list to do promotions like “we are back”. It is a very low-cost marketing method. You can use various marketing platforms for that such as SMS, email, WhatsApp direct messaging, and social media ads can be used.

Menu management

For food trucks, storage of ingredients is very limited. Many items on the inventory may run out quickly. Those changes should be visible in the menu in real time. It is not possible with a printed menu.

LithosPOS allows you to automate your inventory and visible the changes in real-time in the digital menu. When an ingredient runs out of stock, the POS will notify you and allow you to change the menu quickly.

However, this will help you to enhance your service quality and give a premium customer experience for your customers.


LithosPOS has everything you need to expand your food truck business. By automating most of your business operations you will get more control over your business. It allows you to scale your business into multiple locations(LithosPOS provides a centralized management system for managing multi-location businesses).

You can also expand your business online with LithosPOS online food aggregator integrations. You can integrate with various food aggregators such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Talabat. It helps you to increase your profit and popularity as well.

LithosPOS is a cloud-based system, that allows you to simply scale POS as the business grows.

Digital KOT

LithosPOS food truck POS offers digital kitchen order tickets (KOT). Digital KOT contains the order details. When a customer places an order the order will be transferred to the kitchen and POS. The ticket will be displayed on the kitchen display system.

By using self-ordering KIOSKs and QR code ordering customers can place orders themselves. There is no need for the server to take orders and deliver them to the kitchen.

However, it allows you to reduce your labor costs and eliminate the possibility of human errors. It also helps you to speed up your service and keep the order processing efficient.


LithosPOS is compatible with a wide range of devices including Android devices, tablets, and iOS devices. It offers versatility in terms of usage locations, be it outdoor events, festivals, or street service. With the convenience of handheld devices, you can easily take orders, process payments and perform other tasks.

However, it gives you more flexibility to manage your business. The data is stored in the cloud, so you can access the data from anywhere in the world.

Report and analytics

Detailed reports and analytics help you to identify your business performance. You can analyze your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales, expenses, profits, and more. You can also generate various business reports such as sales reports, purchase reports, and other tax reports.

By analyzing the reports, you can identify your best-selling items and determine which dates generate higher sales. Moreover, it assists you in identifying the locations that generate higher sales.

LithosPOS is the one-stop solution to meet all food truck business operations.